Welcome to Pure Plant Organics

Thank you for taking time to explore our site and getting to know us a little better. I would also like to welcome you to our ever-growing community. I have learned over the years that like-minded people have a tendency to gravitate toward each other. That is why I believe we are created – for being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The journey for me to be a part of something bigger than myself is hard wired into my very soul. My plant passion and education has been sprouting in my DNA for generations. I spend my life building my formal education alongside my spiritual education as a lifelong pursuit. As a naturopathic doctor, diplomate of naprapathy, the biggest “need” I found in my practice was sound education combined with a true passion for total well-being. The bottom line: the body is created to be whole. When our spiritual, soulful (emotion, thought) and physical trifecta are in synergy we have what we call “homeostasis” or balance.

Pure Plant Organics exists first and foremost to put the control of your well-being back into your own hands. How do we do this you might ask? To empower you through inspired education and providing the purest plant companions that we can grow, wild craft or source from our carefully selected growing partners. I am meticulous about the integrity of the plant being guarded so that it reaches you as it was intended. We care deeply about what you put into your and your families bodies, mind and spirit.  This statement comes from the heart of who we are – not just as a cliché, but as a way of life.

Our goal is providing a safe haven in the wide ocean of google education, products, labels and claims, to provide a place you can trust. It is not our goal to sell you; it is our goal to offer you the tools to create the healthiest vitality to be your best self. To do this we have to be our best self. We strive to go well beyond the standards set by FDA and cGMP compliance. Our quality A-team and lab testing are ruthless when it comes to upholding our standards.

To wrap this up, we don’t expect you to just trust us based on our claims. We know we have to earn your trust through backing what we say from every aspect with full transparency. Our hope and prayer is that you will want to join our community and be blessed by our dedication to excellence.

Shalom my friends,

Cindy Hess ND, DN, MMH, HHP

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