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About Dr. Cindy Hess

There are many things that I hold dear in this life, and most important among those are relationships. I firmly believe that the relationships we develop with God, family, nature, and ourselves guide our lives and directly influence our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Simply put, healthy relationships result in a healthier you!

Early Days

I come from a family that has used natural alternatives and plants for generations to stay healthy.

I remember making herbal preparations with my grandma every fall, like choke cherry and elderberry syrups to store for the next season. This was our way of life.

I lived on a large farm and our closest neighbors were miles away. I spent summer days eating button weed (marshmallow) and several other plants I could forage while outside. I was too busy on my next adventure to come inside.

The plants that were edible seemed to speak to me identifying themselves as not only safe, but good for me. This was heaven on earth to me, communing with God and Creation.

My Calling

My undergrad years found me trying to fit into the normal traditional medical field but it was never quite the right fit. I love to dig deeper to find the root or the “why”.

I started researching how I could connect my heritage with my ongoing education. After graduating as a Naturopathic doctor I felt the need to continue digging still deeper and continue my education with studies from Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Israel. I continue and will always continue to seek education and the world’s best knowledge about preventative health care.

I love empowering my patients through a re-education process and getting to the root of why they did not feel their best.


I know down deep there is a way to help more people understand a simple God-given truth: our trifecta bodies, meaning body, mind, and spirit, are a miracle meant to work in a synergy of balance.

When given what they need, our bodies not only heal themselves but stay healthy, strong and vibrant.

I have been blessed to work with many people—patients and colleagues—in the path of healing. These relationships have enriched my life and health.

Through Pure Plant Organics, my vision is to provide education and supplements to help you enrich the relationships in your life!


  • Bachelors in Psychology and Health Sciences 
  • PhD
  • ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
  • DN (Diplomate of Naprapathy)
  • HHC (Holistic Health Consultant)
  • Master Herbalist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Aroma Therapist
  • Auricular Therapist

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