Who We Are:

Dr. Cindy Hess, (ND, DN, MMH) CEO and Founder

Cindy grew up with a love of the outdoors and has always enjoyed a deep connection with creation. Her free time has always been spent exploring the mountains, and this is where her formal classroom education joined forces with her inherent love of nature. In the majestic wilderness, and its expression of the heart of God, Pure Plant Organics took shape. Cindy’s passion is to empower people to live whole, healthy lives rooted in deep peace and total well-being.

Amanda Hess, Chief Operations Officer

Amanda has been with Pure Plant Organics since its inception. From startup to its current place in the market, Amanda has had a hand in every aspect of the business, bringing a decade and a half of experience in business and entrepreneurship to her current role in senior management.  

When not at work, Amanda has three children she loves spending every available moment with. She also loves her morning “coffee with God,” hiking and exploring the outdoors, and video gaming.

Adalynn Delgado, Operations Manager

Adalynn is the Operations Manager at Big Sky Holistics, the manufacturing arm of Pure Plant Organics. She oversees production management and quality control to see that our orders are right, deadlines are met, and our products are up to the highest industry standards. She also gets to manage our inventory and supply lines, making sure that we have everything we need to satisfy our customers. When not at work, Adalynn spends her time hiking, camping, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Jeff Bentz, Senior Vice President of Sales

Growing up on the East Coast provided Jeff with culture, but the mountains of the Northwest were calling to him. Jeff has spent most of his life working in sales, but his favorite thing to do is attending his kids’ sporting events and activities. He believes in integrity, taking time to smell the flowers, and Flying Pie Pizzeria.

Niels Christensen, Director of Marketing

As a designer, Niels has worked with several businesses designing their labels, doing printing and illustration, and building brands. His goal is to consistently help clients achieve their goals , all while making things look good (and having fun while that happens.)

Niels finds a lot of joy in what he does, and is always looking for ways to better himself. When not working, you can find him trying to spend quality time with his family, his motivation behind why he does what he does. 

Misty Kamoe, Director of Sales

Misty Kamoe is the Director of Sales for Big Sky Holistics. She has been learning about natural medicine since she was 17 years old. She is looking forward to working with you to help create supplements, essential oils, tinctures, and whatever else you need to build your business.

Misty is a lifelong resident of Idaho. She and her husband have 3 wonderful children and 2 dogs, and her family loves to travel and spend time together.

Jeremy Schofield, Director of IT

With more than two decades of experience in the IT field, Jeremy has made a career out of being the only person willing to read the manual. A lifelong outdoors enthusiast, Jeremy’s twin passions for natural living and IT geekery have made him a perfect fit for Pure Plant Organics.

When he is not deep in design or repair, Jeremy spends his time writing, playing guitar, and exploring the country in an RV with his wife and their two “fur babies.”

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